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Healthy mind in a healthy body : that’s trendy !

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A new healthy movement is conquering the trendy planet. #dryjanuary and #greenmonday are the new codes of an era where the adage “a healthy mind in a healthy body” prevails.

But it is difficult to find the right balance between rules enforced by :

  • the media : eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day
  • social issues : pesticides in the plant world and the controversy over soya cultivation
  • all combined with our lifestyle !

Meals are more often eaten on a public bench at different times. We should be sitting quietly at the table at fixed times. Our liver no longer knows how to work!

Fruit juices are becoming more and more popular

Also, to detoxify our body but also to purify the body and provide it with essential nutrients. We now rely on fruit and vegetable juices. An American model The madness of fruit and vegetable juices called detox juice invaded the United States at the beginning of this second millennium.

Driven by the success of yoga and pilates, by the multiplicity of hastags #healthylifestyle #healthyfood of bloggers and some sports coaches, like the famous Chris Powell, detox juices have very interesting nutritional properties.

Be careful, we are talking about fruits and vegetables crushed with an extractor without being heated and not fresh industrialized juices.

When fruits and vegetables are ground slowly with the extractor, when cold, the vitamins and nutrients are preserved. The result is a pulp-free juice, to be consumed immediately for a luminous complexion and a punch of hell!

A supervised diet

Let’s be clear: in order for these juices to be the most effective, several criteria must be respected. The first is to invest in a juice extractor. About 120 € a good quality model.

Then, choose organic fruits and vegetables. You can then crush them with their skins because you know that some of the vitamins nest just below them. Don’t just drink these juices alone! They must always be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet.

As part of a one-day detox juice cure, consider talking to a doctor about it first.

Finally, alternate tastes and I would even say colours because not all plants have the same nutritional qualities: spinach-brocoli-parsley, beetroot-carrot-peppers, apple-orange-kiwi… A delight for your taste buds and eyes!

A fruit juice is a bomb of vitamins ! You may have understood it. Introduced into a balanced lifestyle or as a cure after a few agape, detox juices have everything to do us good!

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