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AVOCADO : the trendy vegetable that wants you well !


Nature offers us natural remedies for all our little ills. The avocado is a magical vegetable for our body! It offers us many health benefits and it’s delicious too!

The avocado is magic for your health !

In the middle of winter, our immune defences can weaken. Our nutritional needs, on the other hand, are drastically increasing to cope with the cold. In summer a good vegan ice cream is the right idea to cool off from time to time. In winter we tend to be a little more lost on what our demands and what it needs.

We deliver the benefits of it, the nutrient that will get you back on your feet!
This fruit-vegetable is the food that will revolutionize your dishes.

He has certainly already given you a good look at your new home or in a supermarket, but… have you been on your way? It’s time to give in to its advances!

avocado health

An unsuspected source of vitamins

It contain no less than 4 vitamins! It initially makes up for our lack of vitamins C and E. Most of us often lack these vitamins, which are essential for the proper functioning of our cells and their defence.

Vitamin E provides collagen, which delays cell aging. In addition, avocado is a recommended food to regulate blood sugar levels, especially for diabetics, because it is rich in vitamin K, which has a positive influence on our blood sugar levels. This fruit vegetable is also a source of vitamin B6 which contributes to protein metabolism and helps to create the red blood cells necessary for oxygen transport.

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It also contains vitamin B5, which is useful for assimilating energy from other foods. Eating an avocado is therefore the assurance of having a vitamin concentrate. You can therefore let yourself be tempted to eat it for breakfast.

There’s nothing like an avocado on a toast with a little pepper.
You’ll soon be hooked on salty breakfasts!

A shield against disease

The avocado is a real pleasure for your organization! In the middle of autumn or winter, there’s nothing like knowing your strengthened body. This seasonal fruit will help to protect you effectively. Avocado is a concentrate of carotenoids (excellent for sight), copper, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

In other words, it is a cocktail that the body greatly appreciates! Your immune defences will be strengthened and the synthesis of proteins and red blood cells will be greatly ensured. Our green friend is also rich in antioxidants. You certainly know this: eating antioxidants is excellent for preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. They also help you to prevent skin ageing. Between vitamin E and antioxidants, avocado will become your most natural beauty asset!

Does the avocado make you fat?

The avocado is often suspected of having a wrongdoing : making people fat. Of course, the avocado is fat. However, it contains “good fat”, unsaturated fatty acids.

These acids are excellent for your cardiovascular system. The avocado even reduces your bad cholesterol and increases your good cholesterol. It is not for nothing that the avocado finds itself on the plate of all athletes.

It is nourishing and helps you in your physical exercise. It is true that after eating an avocado you have a feeling of satiety. That’s why some people speculate on a fat intake. The explanation is more scientific: the fatty acids in the avocado send a quick signal to your brain that you are no longer hungry.

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In addition to being excellent for your body, it helps you digest well. Being made up of an average of 7% fibre, it facilitates intestinal transit. Avocado is a real concentrate of fibre, vitamins and an indisputable nutritional contribution.

You will have understood, the avocado is like the “Swiss Army Knife” food that you need to be in shape from now on. The next time you think about it, don’t hesitate: adopt it! It can only do you good.

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