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How do people eat eggs over the world ?


All around the world, egg is eaten every day. In every meal of the day, you can meet a plate that contains egg. Let’s discover some egg based specialties.

Omelets: French specialty

The French gastronomy is one the most famous in the world. It is in Paris, its capital that you can effectively taste the most famous and refined plates that you can meet in the world: caviar, foie gras, wines and cheese.

If you happen to visit some regions of France, you’ll probably meet local people who will suggest you a typical plate that will bring you back to your childhood or in contrary will make you feel the real taste of the originality of the countryside.

If you want to taste a specific French breakfast, you can for sure taste their famous omelets. In principle, the French omelet is fried within butter, which gives it a specific taste. But you can add some other ingredients to your omelet.

You can for example add onions, tomatoes, garlic and herbs. For a rich breakfast, you can also add some cheese, ham, other vegetables and some delicatessen to your French omelet. Whether you use fresh egg or Egg yolk powder, you will for sure get a delicious omelet.

Go to Spain for the famous tortilla

Most of the Hispanic countries have gastronomic specialties that use a lot of egg. But the famous tortilla is a real institution as far as the plate using eggs is concerned. This is at the same time a classical and a typical plate of the country.

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For that, the tortilla is not only eaten in the morning or for the lunch time or during the break as they call it ‘tapas’. In fact, the tortilla is present for almost all the meals of the day. In general, it can also be eaten with a fresh salad, bread or even a meat.

The traditional tortilla is made of potatoes and eggs. You just have to make French fries. After, you beat the eggs that can fill your French fries and you add it to it. Once it’s fried, you turn the whole like when you make a crepe or a pancake.

When it’s all cooked, make sure to add some fresh cheese. Slice it like a pizza and serve it warm so that you can feel the real taste of the mix.

According to your preferences, notice that you can add many other ingredients to your tortilla. You can for example add some herbs, some meats and an extra cheese to it.

Meet you in Tunisia for the Shakshouka

If you want to impress your family and suggest them a new taste for the meals, you can make them a Tunisian dish that uses a lot of eggs. Known as Shakshouka, this plate shows the rich and unique gastronomy of this specific region of the world. You can serve it in the morning, for a rich breakfast.

You can also prepare it for the lunchtime. You can add some meat, rice or even bread and even vegetable salad to it. And if you like, it can also be a good dinner for your family, even if you have some guests at home.

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To begin the recipe, make sure to use at least one egg per person. After, prepare a tomato sauce. For that, you will use onions, garlic, herbs and tomatoes. You can also add some merguez to it. After, you add you poached egg and mix it well before serving it. If you serve it warm, it will be better as the ingredients will smell and taste richer.

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