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Washi : the trendy christmas tradition from Japan


Christmas is always the little ceremony of the trees that grow in the houses, that grow everywhere, even in the windows. Luxurious showcases, composed of branches for baroque dreams that Jean Cocteau would not have denied. But do you know that Japan offer really smart tradition for Christmas ? Let us introduce two of them !

Christmas trees are everywhere !

Pastry chefs make small chocolate trees, decorated with feathers, sequins and turbans. White and golden gourmet fantasies that hide chocolate eggs and other Christmas surprises. The marzipan subjects, the orange woven garlands, with a snow star at the top of the fir tree that mocks impatient stomachs.

Christmas lovers want to keep their childish soul; they cultivate traditions by looking beyond their horizon. Why not place a wish on the branch of your tree, as is customary in Japan? A wish for a votive tree, on white paper, in the colour of all snows.

Washi : the trendy tradition from Japan

From a centuries-old tradition, Japanese paper is a wonderful material to handle. Washi comes in all kinds of textures and patterns. Coloured, he can play balls or bells to make Christmas ring. The white Unryu paper “dragon in the clouds”, is easily transformed into photophores. By a close association with nature, this material composed of mulberry fibres allows just enough light to pass through.

When it comes to gift wrapping season, it’s hard not to tour Japan again. Scarves or other squares of fabric wrap gifts like a bundle that has nothing ordinary about it. Moreover, folding, tying your Furoshiki requires less dexterity than wrapping it with paper recalcitrant to Santa’s designs. The gift itself does not matter. Christmas is like that.

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Use fabrics to wrap presents

The other tradition from Japan is to wrap your Christmas gifts with cloth rather than paper. It’s more elegant and much more ecological ! Every year we use millions of tons of paper for little.

They don’t use tape or string and the result is really smart !

Happy christmas time !

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