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The bicycle révolution is a new art of living !


Cheap to buy, as long as you don’t target the latest brands from ultra-branded, ultra-light, ultra-personalized brands but decide to snoop around your neighbourhood’s bicycle shops; practical and practicable in all circumstances and in all weather conditions since the wax was invented.

Fabulously sociable to such an extent that many friendly communities are created in the city and countryside to share what, more than a means of transport, is now more like an art of living, has definitely transformed grandmother’s bike into a must that is no longer possible to do without.

Dare to use bicycle !

Everyone remembers that moment when their stomachs were tight, it was time to remove the little wheels at the back and go back and forth to the courtyard of the building from his childhood.

Helmet screwed on the head, precaution requires, a smile on your lips, day and night, your glow-in-the-dark loupiottes, in place, the curved calf, and the muscular buttock. It will now be possible for you to save on the subscription fees to this gym in which you have never dared or taken the time to return, to look good all year round as if you were returning from vacation and to regularly exceed the time of the public transport curfew when you wanted to stay a little longer.

Daylife on a bike

If you still fear that you will be taken for what you are not, because you have to walk around with chains to protect your horse from any chance of disappearance, you will always find that you will answer it with a good word.

You will associate red with caution, orange will develop your sense of anticipation and green will become your favorite color, enough to put good mood in your daily life every day, without it costing you anything.

Breathe happiness

Turn off your engines, they are all “has been” ! The purpose is so determined that it promises not only better days but also happiness to anyone who wants to hear it. These new bicycle riders, present in about forty French cities, the three most important of which, in Belgium and Switzerland, are not angry activists but lovers of a means of transport that they conceive as an art of living.

Every year for the past ten years, the bicycle révolution has been held, an opportunity to gather and reaffirm, under summer and festive auspices, the views of those enthusiasts who conceive of cycling as another way of looking at the city, the environment and social relations. Concerned with issues of energy, technical and commercial counter-productivity, urban land use planning and their effects on the populations that inhabit and move within them, Vélorution is the author of numerous initiatives at the local level.

The bicycle philosophy

The implementation of this “bicycle philosophy” has mainly involved the creation of cooperative mechanical workshops and numerous specific actions, sometimes undertaken with other structures promoting cycling as a means of locomotion or travel. The workshops, open to all, aim to promote mutual aid, solidarity and empowerment without income conditions because the principle works on the notion of gratuity.

Children or adults can come and have their bicycles repaired or learn how to repair them, at no cost to them thanks to the tools available in the workshop or the spare parts resulting from the recovery. In addition, demonstrations, regular or even monthly depending on the regions concerned, bring these cyclists together to raise awareness of them among as many people as possible.

Promoting cycling as the preferred daily means of transport, instead of individual motorised transport, to improve everyone’s quality of life in terms of health (less pollution, sports exercise) is essential for these fanatics of two-wheelers with human propulsion.

Raising awareness among users and public authorities of the need to improve the safety of cycle paths and roads should make it possible to create the conditions that will make this possible. Beyond the daily services that he can provide to everyone, they also see him as a way to escape from the overly suffocating intramural, by organizing hikes over several days. Sharing, mutual aid, respect for others, the bike, which no longer has anything retro, seems to have a velo-rutionary character that could help to change things.

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