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What is an Elopement ?

In the middle of the wedding, an Elopement is a ceremony in a small committee where you can exchange your vows. The future married couple can decide to pass their wedding day only with their witnesses or only between them.

This kind of ceremony allows the future married couple to celebrate their union in complete privacy. This wedding model is in fashion. More and more couples are making this choice.

The Elopement is more like a celebration of love than at a traditional festival.

The advantages of an Elopement :

Everyone knows how extremely expensive a wedding can be. The fees are multiplied by the number of guests. But if you organize an Elopement for your wedding you can imagine a multitude of possibilities ! You can decide to put your wedding budget on a romantic trip.
You can choose your dream wedding destination.

Why not go to France to celebrate your wedding :

To be married in France is the dream of many people in the world. France is the destination of romantic lovers. We tend to think of Paris which is the city most recognized for its romanticism.

But there are other wedding venues in France which largely deserve to be known. Some beautiful places to elope in France are to be discovered. For your Elopement i will propose you a destination wedding not to miss.

A french wedding in Drôme provençale :

You don’t have to go in french Riviera to have magnificent landscapes. And you don’t have to copy inspirational weddings like luxurious weddings. The perfect wedding is yours.

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The Drôme provençale is in the south of France. These are landscapes worthy of films. Imagine yourself organizing your wedding ceremony in a natural French film setting.

The Drôme provençale is full of magnificent places between rivers, plains and mountains. Enough to have a whole bunch of wedding ideas. If you decide to get married in spring or summer in France (May to august), you will enjoy the lavender field. Indeed it’s the region of lavender.
These purple blue fields that stretch as far as the eye can see ! And with the typical smell of lavender you will be propelled into another world !

The Drôme provençale is also the land of olive oil, large stone houses, walks between forest and river will stroll through the old streets of typical villages and cross stone bridges from the Middle Ages still intact.

Take advantages of local providers :

If you decide to organize your Elopement in Drôme provençale, you can contact some french providers. You can put you in touch with a french wedding planner who knows the region perfectly and who can advise you on the unmissable and best suited places for an Elopement.

She will find you the ideal place that suits you. A small stone hut in the middle of nature with a fireplace to warm up, a luxurious tree house, a Provencal farmhouse with a swimming pool overlooking the lavender fields…you can imagine everything.

In order to immortalize these precious moments you can contact a french wedding photographer and a wedding videographer like this website : There are some specialized Elopement photographers who will accompany you throughout your intimate ceremony. So you will leave with full memories and images to share with your family and friends.

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You already have the decor and the love, you just have to find a photographer based in Drôme provençale and you will be perfect to organize your Elopement in Drôme in France.

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