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Trendy gemstones for 2021 : what are our favorites ?


Fashion jewelry is a must when you want to look good in fashionable clothes. One of them is the jewelry that is made of certain precious stones. It is even said that they have some powers or virtues. Anyway, if you want to wear them this year, here is a look at the gemstones that should come with you!

Red stones

There are a lot of women who like this type of gemstone best. In fact, while some tend to wear emeralds, others prefer to lean more towards diamond or sapphire. Of course, each type of gemstone has its own meaning.

Nevertheless, in 2020, it is the red that is in the spotlight. It is the symbol of love. An ideal color for the wedding ring in 2020. In addition, the gemstone you will select may come in several shades. So, it is possible to go for scarlet, purple or burgundy red.

Apart from these, you also have the possibility of choosing ruby or garnet. Zircon, spinel or tourmaline are stones that can also be combined with today’s trends.

The gems of 1980

For any jewelry lover, the 1980s in the world of fashion is a real watershed. The gemstones that could be found then had various geometrical shapes and tended to be oversized. In other terms, the jewelry of the time was ideally suited to clothing.

That’s why, even nowadays, people still turn to diamonds for their flashy and imposing effect. So if you have the opportunity to wear jewelry from that era, you have the ability to transform it to fit the various fashion trends of 2020.

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Minimalist stones

Several seasons have had announced the return of this type of stone. They should come back this winter, regardless of whether they come from unworked materials or are associated with noble metals.

Therefore, it goes without saying that crystal and quartz are highly awaited this year. These stones, being able to perfect your outfit, are also very appreciated this year because of their unique and authentic character. They could work well for an engagement ring.

What about natural stones?

Natural stones can also be classified as gemstones. However, this would have to be paired with jewelry. Thus, there are a multitude of stones that are expected in 2020 because of their qualities. You can go for fossilized wood because of its shielding power. Citrine is also expected to be in the limelight this year. It is not only able to properly adorn you, but it is able to bring you confidence. It is even advised to carry it with you at all times.

Chalcedony is also one of the stones that is highly recommended to wear in 2020. It is well known to help you achieve your goals, both personal and professional. Finally, it is also advisable to look at soladite. It will give you the opportunity to gain serenity. Moreover, it allows to quiet your stress and your anxiety.

If you want to start buying gems for the sole purpose of investing your money, it is quite possible and a great idea. Nevertheless, it is recommended to call upon an agency to help you in your first steps.

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