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Trendhim : a trendy shop for gentlemen

trendhim shop

Trendhim is an online shop with a very wide range of high-end products for men. You will find bags, card holders, belts and jewellery. We have prepared a selection of articles to help you choose!

Trendhim : a French shop for men

Let’s start with some necessary introductions. Trendhim is a French startup founded in 2007 by Sebastian and Mikkel. They started from scratch to create a real online concept store entirely dedicated to men.

Launched with about 4000 euros and the help of their mother, the two young entrepreneurs have hidden nothing and have given 200% in their adventure. While developing their online store, they also had the good idea to design their own brand Lucleon in 2012.

A success that is slowly but surely building to reach today’s heights. The site is translated into several languages like english. It offers thousands of quality products and about fifty people work for this great company.


Boxes for watches


Nowadays watches are more a fashion accessory than an object with a purely utilitarian function. Therefore, many men own several watches so that they can always choose the model that best suits their outfit. But these watches have to be stored somewhere, and that’s where a watch case comes in handy. Those boxes can hold up to 24 watches.

Pocket watches

Pocket watches are back and they are really fashion ! It remember the beautiful mechanical movement gussets that adorned the costumes of our grandfathers in the 1950s. So old school but so trendy. Trendhim offer many different gussets on its shop online, so great.

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The glasses case

A sober and elegant imitation leather case. The case is reinforced enough to protect your glasses properly. The price (4€) is just incredible considering the quality of the case.

The California wallet

A wallet, of the famous Lucleon brand, made of buffalo leather. You can see right away that the leather is of high quality and that it will last for a long time. The size is perfect because it can hold a French ID card without any problem! Believe me, we don’t find so many of them …

For the rest, it offers a total of 7 card slots (bank or business cards) plus a zippered pocket for change.

What I like about it is that there are two compartments that run the length of the wallet and allow you to store both the ID card on one side and the bills on the other. Perfect for getting around quickly.

The wallet and shell for iPhone 6

The product is pretty great because it offers both a protective shell for your iPhone 6, a case to protect your screen and a small wallet to keep a few cards. Rather business cards than credit cards, as I think it’s not advisable to keep them near the waves of a mobile phone.

The case is magnetized so it simply attaches to the wallet and you can separate the two very quickly too. Very practical.

Again, the quality of the product is there. The finish is very good and there is nothing wrong with this product.

The only problem for me is that the mobile phone hardly fits in my trouser pocket. And since I only keep my phone in this pocket, it’s not really for me.

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Beret molise trendhim

If you know me at all, you knew I couldn’t not order a cap or a hat. In this case, no caps in their shop. There are, on the other hand, some pretty berets that give you a very dandy style right away.

The only little problem is that I took the smallest model and yet my head still seems too small. It’s not a big deal so it’s not dramatic. Besides, it’s a relief for me, it means I don’t have a big head.

The Jasper shoulder bag

trendhim bag

Here is a leather bag very design and above all extremely practical! It is small and it will be able to follow you everywhere for your business meetings. Depending on the size you choose, you will be able to store either a tablet or a Mac Book Pro.

You will find a pocket on the side but also an inside pocket to keep more sensitive items such as your wallet for example. Really, you can feel that the real leather used for this bag is of good quality. Moreover, it is beautiful and pleasant to the touch.

Perfect for a little trip or a weekend !


We were seduced by the quality of the products and the service offered by Trendhim. All the products arrived well packaged and protected, you can feel that they pay special attention to quality.

Of course, I was not able to test all their products because they have so many different references. I invite you to take a look at their website to see for yourself.

Concerning the prices: there is something for every budget but globally I find the products affordable considering the quality offered. Don’t forget that it’s often better to pay for a quality product than to make false economies with cheap products that don’t last.

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The shop really makes an effort to offer quality products and focuses on the small details that make the difference.

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