beautiful hair

With the sun and the sea, you hair may be very damaged.Do you want easy advices to have healthy and beautiful hair ? Despite your efforts to take care of it during the summer, sea bathing and the sun are not the best cocktail to keep it healthy ! Add to that a lot of stress and you get a great combo: hair loss and brittle ends. We’ve made a little program to avoid cutting it, which we’ll share with you.

So this time we took a food supplement, Perfect Hair Keratin, to stimulate regrowth and strengthen the hair. Based on keratin, these capsules are to be taken twice a day for 20 days. It’s a very effective little cure. You should not expect to see your hair and nails grow at a crazy speed, but we have noticed over time that we have much more baby hair, a sign that the regrowth is well stimulated.

We see long-term effects on the health of your hair: it’s shiny and the ends are less brittle.
We will definitely adopt this Perfect Hair Keratin ritual every year.

> Perfect Hair Keratin

A gentle brushing of the hair

For a while now, we've only been using the famous Tangle Teezer brush. With its very soft bristles, it untangles without pulling. We can still see a few hair ends breaking, but it's much less worse than last year at this time. In fact, we had been forced to cut. We untangle our hair well before and after shampooing and then some nights before going to sleep. We try most of the time to make braids so that our hair doesn't get tangled. And we think it's very effective.

Applying oil for damaged hair on the ends of your hair is very effective

Alongside the Perfect Hair Keratin cure, we used Aveda Dry Remedy oil much more regularly.
After each shampoo, on the towel-dried hair, we apply it strand by strand on the ends.

You can even apply it every day, and only on the ends, it doesn’t make the hair greasy at all. It has a very discreet but significant smell of Aveda products, which I like very much.

> Aveda Oil – Dry Remedy

Massages of the skull to stimulate blood circulation

It’s silly but massages are very effective in stimulating hair growth and making it shine. You can do it in the shower, while you shampoo. You don’t have to make it last very long. But try to press down well with your fingertips, and to apply a little pressure on the forehead and temples with the palm of your hand.

This is also true for the face: by massaging it every day when you apply your cream, you fight a little against wrinkles and, most of the time, you reinforce the effectiveness of the formula’s active ingredients.

Of course, all this advice is not miraculous. It is by repeating them regularly that you will see results over time. Our diet, stress levels and pollution are not always easy to control, yet they have a lot to do with the health of our hair and scalp. At least, with these little beauty tips, we can treat ourselves and take care of ourselves.

Hope it’ll help you to always have healthy and beautiful hair all year long !