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Investment in Champagne is really trendy !


Champagne makes many people happy, not only by joining the party, but by ensuring a better return for its investors. Investment in Champagne is now more than trendy ! In recent years, the prices of great old vintages have been breaking records. Even if it is not yet able to outstrip the real estate or insurance sector, champagne is increasingly becoming one of the best financial investments that can exist.

How to invest in champagne ?

In the majority of the cases, the manufacturers vintage their production in order to better value it. Vintage champagnes sell quickly and at a better price. In this sense, the choice of Champagne must be subject to a rigorous selection. It is then advisable to buy champagne from a prestigious house that can offer better quality products. One should not neglect the vintage year to determine if the good is really worth it.

It should be noted that there are websites specialising in the sale of vintage Champagne like They are allowing investors to select products adapted to their needs, whether in terms of price or quality. The investment is not limited to the purchase of champagne. It must be kept in suitable conditions to avoid deterioration of its quality.

To do this, certain conditions must be respected, such as keeping the Champagne horizontal to avoid drying out the cork. Also, to avoid altering its taste, it must be kept at a temperature below 15° and in a place away from light.

Why choose to invest in Champagne ?

Champagne combine investment and pleasure

For those who wish to diversify their heritage, they can opt for champagne. The risk level of this type of investment remains very low. However, these risks do not deserve any negligence. Investing in Champagne is not only for profit.

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By buying champagne, this investment can be a means of entertainment for the investor. It must be noted that this is a long-term investment. Prestigious houses make available to their clients common vintages at more accessible prices. For this price to increase, the conservation of Champagnes is essential. This conservation can take years or decades.

Champagne is an accessible luxury

In principle, Champagne falls into the category of luxury drinks. In fact, most people only drink it during a very exceptional event or circumstance. However, it should be noted that its price remains within the reach of all budgets as it is becoming more and more a consumer product.

It should be noted that the big houses sell nearly 300 million bottles a year. This implies that the consumption of this precious wine is not limited to a small minority of the population. Some prestigious brands do not hesitate to lower the price of their products in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the market. In this context, it is necessary to take the opportunity to acquire better quality that can guarantee a better yield.

Champagne is really prestigious and easy to resell

Considered as a festive drink, this product remains the best choice to sprinkle on a special event. Unlike wine, it is drunk very young. Champagne is very rarely found in the cellars of connoisseurs, as the majority of investors prefer to keep wine. This is the reason why private individuals keeping vintage Champagnes can easily sell their goods.

For a few years now, this type of investment has been of interest only to amateurs, it attracts an increasingly well-off clientele.

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This is a huge profitable investment

Investing in Champagne region is a very particular asset, especially if the investor knows how to choose the right time to resell his property. The purchase price of Champagne remains lower compared to the cost of its resale. For this, the investor must know how to wait and choose the right moment to put it back on sale.

Just so that you can get a better idea, you should know that in 2010, the bottle of Veuve Clicquot from the early 1840s was given to a buyer for 30,000 euros. In 2011, at an auction in Hong Kong, boxes of six bottles of Moët & Chandon Grand Vitange Collection 1911 found buyers for an exorbitant sum of $100,000, or 75,300 euros.

Like any collector’s item, the value of Champagne increases with age.

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