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How to choose a good wine for Christmas ?

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Everybody want to drink a good wine for parties. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are fast approaching, and it’s not always easy to choose the right wines to enjoy with your meals. Here you can find all our advice on great wines to match your favourite dishes, aperitifs and desserts for the festive season!

And if you’re short on last-minute gifts, don’t forget that a good bottle of wine can be an excellent gift for both wine lovers and those who want to make good investments.

What good red wine for Christmas?

Indeed, this type of wine emphasizes the flavours of red meat dishes. Thus this wine for Christmas will be the perfect accompaniment to cold meats, a game terrine, a leg of lamb, a dish in sauce, a rib steak or a beef tartar, etc…

Some red wines are rounder and fruitier, and we suggest them for stuffed veggies and grilled meats. Furthermore, if you are not fond of mellow white wines, tannic wines, such as Bordeaux wines with a Merlot majority, may also be adequate to accompany foie gras. Red wine for Christmas will also find its place with a platter of strong and flavourful cheeses.

good wine

Which white wine for your festive meal?

The traditional starter for a Christmas Eve meal is foie gras. This exceptional dish is often served with a sweet, syrupy wine. This is why the white Christmas wine par excellence is none other than Sauternes. For those on a tighter budget, a Coteau du Layon will do the trick! For those who don’t like sugar, a Croze-Hermitage or a Condrieu will be perfect.

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Other white wines will find their place on your festive table; drier white wines, such as Sancerre or Chablis, will be ideal with fish and shellfish dishes.

This type of white Christmas wine will also bring out the best in white meat recipes and certain cheeses such as goat’s cheese. Similarly, a Riesling from Alsace or a Mâcon can be served with Burgundy snails. To take full advantage of the flavours and aromas of these wines, they should be drunk well chilled.

Finally, Champagne wine is certainly the beverage that most strongly symbolises the end of year celebrations. This Christmas one is not only intended to accompany the dessert; it can also be used in the preparation of cocktails and aperitifs.

The right bottle for Christmas

We don’t think about it often enough, but a bottle of wine can be a perfect gift for Christmas. Indeed, many people love great wines, so by picking a quality vintage with care, you are sure to please. In addition, there are a multitude of wines to give as Christmas gifts at all price points.

If you do choose to give wine as a gift for the festive season, you are certain to find a present that fits your gift-giving budget. When it comes to the ‘famous’ wine dress to give for Christmas, it’s all a case of taste. You can give a bottle of white wine, red wine, Champagne or whisky as a gift. Now you know which beverage to choose for the festive season. Whether it is to accompany your festive meal or as a gift, wine for Christmas has no more secrets for you.

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We wish you happy holidays and a great tasting!

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