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Do you know the magical powers of donkey milk?


If you are told about donkey’s milk, there is a good chance that you will imagine Cleopatra immersing herself in a bath of this soft and creamy material. Legend has it that this beverage has magical powers that would make its followers bright and vigorous.

In fact, more than just a legend, donkey’s milk got real powers. We can say that the myth has come true. Let’s discover this wonderful product.

The beautifull women ambassadors !

Since ancient times, donkey’s milk has been traditionally used by certain peoples for its virtues in the fields of beauty and health. And this has not escaped the great Queens of History who have understood it well and have appropriated it! Cleopatra, queen of Ancient Egypt, took baths of donkey’s milk to maintain her beauty and the youthfulness of her skin.

Legend has it that it took no less than 700 donkeys to provide her with the amount of milk she needed for her daily baths. What the legend says less is that this milk also had the virtue of boosting her libido very strongly. The Lady therefore immersed herself for long minutes in this milk before going to negotiate with the senior male leaders of the time (Know that in this time “to negotiate” very often took place horizontally).

Poppaea, second wife of the Emperor Roman Nero, Diane de Poitiers or Pauline Bonaparte also used donkey’s milk for skin care.

And man ambassadors too !

The Greeks considered it an excellent remedy.
The Romans made it a luxury drink
Hippocrates recommended it for all kinds of ills.
Buffon mentioned it in his “Natural History” (Manual of all the knowledge in science at the time) and then spoke of overcoming fevers, fatigue, ulcerations,… (and the list is very long!).
Herodotus summarized its effect by the formula “nutrit, roborat, alterat” i. e. “nourishes, strengthens, stimulates”.

Why is it so magical ?

Donkey’s milk is the closest to breast milk. Its biochemical composition makes it very interesting from both a nutritional and dermatological point of view. Milk is comparable to a cosmetic emulsion: composed of essential fatty acids and tonic active ingredients in an aqueous texture but very soft and very protective.


This precious milk is rich in vitamins : A, B1, B2, B2, B6, D, C and E ! They are precious in the fight against ageing. It also contains minerals and trace elements : calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and zinc. Making it a natural skin tonic !

Donkey milk also contains immunoglobulins that stimulate metabolism and protect it, as well as alkylglycerols, fatty alcohols that boost immunity and natural defences against all aggressions.

Donkey’s milk is the essential ally of your skin at any age. Whether it’s for: Moisturize Replenish Blur the signs of fatigue and time passing Give your skin a glow Treat skin problems like Psoriasis or eczema…

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