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Stojo : The collapsible cup which everyone wants

Most of us have a to go coffee in the morning and almost all of us take it in a disposable cup! Several billion of these cups go straight into the trash after just a couple of minutes. A huge green wave is upon us, and many now are tired of polluting endless- and uselessly! Furthermore, in a quest to differentiate ourselves in the most trendy and fashionable ways the Stojo foldable mug is getting real drive!

Preserving our habitat with the collapsible mug

At our desk, on the street, at the store, during commute, we all enjoy a little coffee or coffee to go. Disposable cups are usually preferred simply because lugging a cup around is just annoying, heavy and takes up too much space.

However when you take the check of the amount of trees that need to get cut, transformed, the glue to put it all together, the plastic film to seal and make it airtight plus the manufacture itself, it just comes to an equation where disposable cups are an ecological nightmare.

Stojo, worked on the solution and created a reusable design collapsible silicone cup for hot and cold drinks. This cup which will slip in your pocket makes it possible for everyone to avoid consuming up to 500 disposable cups per year, which literally translates to a robust 5 kg of unnecessary waste!

All there is to know about the Stojo collapsible cup

The Stojo foldable cup is the result of 3 years of intense trial and error research and development. After finding the right combination of materials they made it easy by developing three sizes. Depending on how you like your drinks, the two pocket sized mugs 473ml (large) and 355ml (medium) will probably correspond to your daily need.

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They are barely perceptible in terms of weight! Just a mere 150g and 250g and once folded, they will fit in your back jeans pocket! Collapse and unfold in just a couple of seconds flat, they will be perfectly suited for every nice hot cup of tea of fresh cup of coffee!

The Stojo nomad cup is made up of food grade silicone and barely reaches 4 cm of height when folded. For health and safety reasons the travel cup is entirely BPA-free and can go in the microwave and the dishwasher. No need to be scared of a cold cup of coffee or dirtying your hands to wash it. Nevertheless, its surface is smooth and is easily rinsed and wiped to be ready for another cup!

It’s air sealed tight lid, will ease your work and nothing will be spilled! As a little bonus the 473 ml cup comes with a perfect large silicone drinking straw, so if you like a smoothie on the way, no worries about having to pull too hard on it due to lumps. Your smoothie or fruit drink will be very enjoyable and refreshing!

Your must have trendy “green” gadget

The Stojo retractable tumbler will avoid a lot of waste and give our planet a little breathing time. However, you can be reassured that your new environmentally friendly stance will attract interested looks for the elegance of the collapsible mug. You will stand out, not only for the fashionable item, but also for the right environment green position you took!

Well designed, completely elegant, super handy and easy to use, Stojo have outdone themselves! Its thermal sleeve will prevent you from burning yourself when you will take an extremely hot drink with you (up to 100 °C)! Plus, you can use it at every occasion! Hike, travel, walk, be extremely proud to take out your collapsible mug and show your engagement too!

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Lightweight, easy to clean, small once collapsed, the right size when unfolded, the nomad Stojo pocket mug is really well thought out. Plus, don’t forget that many cafes and to go stores offer discount if you come with your own cup. So, every time you take it out, you are not only avoiding another disposable cup in the trash, you are paying your cup back! Clearly nothing but advantages with the Stojo collapsible cup!

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