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Solid VS liquid : which shampoo is the best ?

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If you were asked to get rid of the classic bottle of liquid shampoo to wash your hair with a new formula, not liquid but rather… solid. What ?! Solid shampoo ?! You will probably think that you will be offered to wash your head with a piece of ordinary soap !

Don’t worry, the solid shampoo is specially designed for hair. It is full of benefits and offers more advantages than liquid shampoo, provided you know how to choose it well.

Solid shampoo: what is it in fact ?

This is the main question to ask yourself before embarking on this new adventure which, believe us, will make your hair more beautiful. A true cosmetic and ecological innovation, solid shampoo is a major revolution in the world of cosmetics.

It is particularly a concentrate of active ingredients with cleaning and nourishing properties for hair in hard form, such as a bar of soap. The particularity of solid shampoo is that it is free of all superfluous elements so that the consumer only uses the essential and beneficial elements for his hair. Only the best !

The advantages of solid shampoo over liquid shampoo

A real favorite of “0 waste” enthusiasts, solid shampoo is full of benefits. If you were still hesitating to buy it, it will delight you when you know all its advantages over liquid shampoo.

It is more economical than liquid shampoo !

Considering the price, you may think that solid shampoo is more expensive, but think of all the savings you will make by choosing solid shampoo over liquid shampoo. Indeed, solid shampoo lasts much longer.

It is equivalent to two bottles of liquid shampoo and guarantees you at least 50 washes. Indeed, the advantage of solid shampoo is that you only use what you need, without putting it everywhere. Bye bye waste!

It is more environmentally friendly than liquid shampoo

Liquid shampoo brands focus a lot on aesthetics by presenting us with plastic bottles that are supposed to attract us at the expense of product quality and the protection of the planet. With solid shampoo, there is no need to choose between attractive packaging, quality and ecological aspects.

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Indeed, the use of solid shampoo guarantees a better protection for our dear planet. Its main advantage is that it allows a very high water saving. Liquid shampoos require 80% water for their manufacture, millions of hectolitres each year.

In addition, with solid shampoos, the cleanliness of the planet is guaranteed. Why ? Because there is no longer any need for bottles and other plastic packaging.

Instead we find pretty packaging for the most part, recyclable. They are therefore an excellent alternative for the “0 waste”.

use a good solid shampoo for you hair

It is more effective

The solid shampoo leaves hair soft and well detangled. No more need for shampoo. It cleanses thoroughly without damaging the hair. As the product is used, solid shampoo reduces the frequency of washing.

No need to lift your hair every day, because it is less oily. But be careful, be careful, it will be necessary to make sure you make the right choice of solid shampoo because not all solid shampoos are free from criticism. Some, due to their unnatural composition, will dry your hair, cause itching and irritation of the scalp, leading you to spend more on masks, oil baths and shampoos.

It is very useful

Easily usable, solid shampoo is the flagship product to have especially when travelling. At a time when liquid products are banned on planes, nothing beats this easily transportable piece of shampoo. Better, it fit perfectly into your suitcase. In addition, we are delighted with its ease of use. Just wet the pebble and the past on previously wet hair and finally enjoy this moment of softness. For storage, remember to let it dry on a soap dish before storing it.

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Its composition is healthier

When you have chosen it well, solid shampoo has the main advantage of being more natural than liquid shampoo. Those with a good composition do not contain aggressive and toxic products. Such as paraben, sulphate and other petroleum products. The natural composition makes it more beneficial for our hair than liquid shampoo with its set of components not “clean”.

The foaming agents in solid shampoo are rather derived from extracts of plant products. With a natural shampoo, you can be sure that the soap do not contain any of these harmful products, and that good solid shampoos, fruit extracts, shea butter, green or white clay, in short, only natural products with proven benefits for our hair are used.

But we will always remind you, make sure you choose your solid shampoo carefully.

Choosing the right solid shampoo

Yes it is ! Unfortunately, not all solid shampoos are “clean”. In other words, many with their “cracra” composition are not natural because they contain surfactants that are irritating or even stripping for our very sensitive scalp.

These surfactants, which are ingredients capable of foaming the product and thus giving us a feeling of comfort, are particularly difficult to ban from the composition of shampoos because the solid nature of the shampoo requires a high level of surfactants (up to 60%). So it is better to choose the right shampoo to avoid these inconveniences.

However, with our advice, you will be able to avoid solid shampoos with poor surfactants and look for those that will be composed of acceptable or even good surfactants.

WARNING : Ban products containing as surfactants Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (LSS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (LSS), Amonium Laureth Sulfate (ALS), Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Sodium Myreth Sulfate as surfactants from your purchases. So in short, you were running away from the ALS and LSS
The mild and tolerable surfactants are better known as Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCC) and Sodium Cocoyl-isethionate (SCI) which are a more natural alterative because they are derived from coconut.

Choose solid shampoos obtained from cold saponification, which will guarantee you an optimal conservation of all the nutritional properties of the products used at the end of the manufacturing process.

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solid shampooBe careful with the composition of the product ! The more natural products in the solid shampoo, the better your hair will look. They will be fed, well detangled, and protected from drying out and itching.

For exemple, Kayl Natural shampoos, made from a traditional manufacturing process, are rich in 100% natural products, concentrated with natural glycerin, castor oil, coconut, olive and essential oils, will provide you with the necessary hydration and nourish your hair gently and without aggression.

Kayl natural antibacterial shampoo with lavender and tea tree will protect you from itching. It is perfect for both women’s and men’s hair.

Choosing the right solid shampoo also requires a good knowledge of your hair type. In addition to expert advice, you can determine your hair type on your own by observing its behaviour. You also know the frequency of washing you need.

  • Oily hair requires a shampoo that will regulate and absorb excess sebum while cleaning the scalp. Choose shampoos made of clay and rassoul to achieve this result.
  • Dry/breaking hair needs nutrition and hydration… shampoos based on shea butter, glycerin, olive oil will delight you.
  • Frizzy/curly hair due to the low amount of sebum produced will need a shampoo that will nourish and grease the hair to help compensate for the lack of sebum. The properties of vegetable oils such as olive oil and coconut oil will allow you to regulate everything.

Now all you have to do is take the plunge and make solid shampoo your new cosmetic ally for pure moments of happiness.

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