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Petrossian : the King of caviars worldwide !

Petrossian caviar

Caviar, these black pearls whose ultimate setting is the palace, has remained inseparable from this historical patronymic for nearly a century: Petrossian.

Brief history of Petrossian

Of the great dynasties of luxury whose stories offer this industry its romantic character, that of the Petrossians would be like a fable: sweet to hear, precious to listen to, impossible to forget.

A confidential house with an international reputation, its black gold is now associated with a homonymous taste with sweet notes. Nicolas Cloiseau, head of La Maison du Chocolat, and Armen Petrossian have combined their know-how to bring together chocolate, vodka and caviar in a bold and original alliance.

In this issue, which bears the seal of the precious, Petrossian caviar is expressed through the story of its fantastic epic that transports the mind to legendary flavours. Mouchegh and Melkoum Petrossian were born in the Caucasus region into an Armenian family.

The two brothers are studying law and architecture in Moscow. In the 1920s, they left Soviet Russia for Paris where an unsuspected destiny awaited them. Their intuition is guided by the cultural friendliness in which they grew up and their success will illustrate the famous saying of the country that welcomed them: luck favours the bold.

A successful start in Paris

Wishing to introduce a prestigious clientele to new culinary products, they opened their first boutique on Boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The sign bears their name and their emblem takes the form of a boat that sails on rough waters but under a sun that heralds a good omen.

The Petrossian brothers introduced France to caviar, which quickly became an unfailing hit. The social dinners of the Roaring Twenties propelled it to the rank of a must, making these black grains ambassadors of contemporary French gastronomy.

Exclusive importers of Russian caviar in Europe, they develop their activity by selling smoked fish, vodka, sausages, dried fruit and other delicacies. The Petrossian house becomes a real grocery store where refinement and the unexpected are part of the décor.

The 1970s marked the rise of the new generation and the growth of distribution networks. In 1992, Armen Petrossian (Mouchegh’s son) was appointed at the head of the company and would continue to breathe modernity and innovation into it. Knowing the company like the back of his hand, he has done all the jobs and understood all the issues.

Making caviar be appreciated worldwide !

It introduces incredible formats, reworked caviar in an inventive way and perpetuated a passionate family adventure. From his lineage, Armen Petrossian has inherited a taste for work but he cultivates a talent of his own: the ability to make caviar be appreciated all over the world.

Petrossian caviar is enjoyed wherever epicureans are found, in New York, Paris, Brussels, Nice, Dubai or Los Angeles. Its fine selection and perfect maturation make it recognizable between a thousand and one and earn the company the label Entreprise du patrimoine vivant in 2011, the Diplôme d’Honneur du Club des Chefs in 2012 as well as the SIRHA Price in 2013.

A remarkable house that has managed to find the subtle harmony between creativity and tradition, Petrossian has made caviar the timeless icon of delight.

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